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The story of Wally the wood duck and how he came to be

Our friend Ralph Stearns, a known and respected local artist had just finished a mural at the Lake Wichita spillway. He was out for a walk early one morning with his beloved Dixie Lou at Lake Wichita Park and decided to climb Murphy’s Mountain, also known as Dirt Hill. It was there that a vision come to Ralph Stearns. The colors from the morning sunrise across the waters and the ducks swimming along the edge that looked like ants. He wished he could get a closer look so he closed his eyes and imagined the mother of all ducks as if from the planet gargantua and it was then that the seed was planted in his mind.
He went out and bought a 2 man bass boat for his foundation to build upon. It was then that he sought help from his brother Richard. Through many trials and tribulations Ralph and his brother Richard worked on the duck for over 4 months. Ralph said the Lord guided him through the process and gave him every answer he needed and the most rewarding part for him was the strengthening of his bond with brother Richard.
The only thing Ralph loves more than his work is sharing his work with other people and is just happy to be part of the art movement to make Wichita Falls a more beautiful place.

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